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Majority of the theory and strategy content is still relevant, but walkthroughs and screen shares will be slightly older. Any purchases of the course prior to the 2024 update will include all future updates.

Are you a wedding creative that hates thinking about marketing strategies but really wants more bookings?



You’re really good at what you do, but you’re no longer the cheapest option and you really want a way to consistently find and book clients 


You’re tired of commenting on referral posts hoping that you're the one that gets picked out of 100 people.


You wish that you could stop attracting price shoppers or people who won't you what you're worth. 


You want a steady stream of enquiries from ideal couples who are overjoyed that they found you


You keep meaning to ‘learn about Facebook ads’ but you just don’t know who to trust and it's all really overwhelming.


The few times you've tried Facebook Ads you burnt through money and no one saw your ads except wedding vendors. 


that you could show up consistently in front of your ideal clients and say exactly what they wanted to hear?


you could finally understand Facebook Ads so you could create wildly successful campaigns?


Turn £100 of ad spend into £1000 revenue? Over and over again?


Let me guess why you think you haven't been successful with Facebook Ads...


But let me be honest with you...

my wedding photography business wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for Facebook & Instagram ads.

2 years ago, I had ZERO bookings.

And since then, I have booked almost 50 weddings and brought in over £48000 of revenue into my business from just £2500 of ad spend. 


And now I want to teach you EVERYTHING I know about Facebook & Instagram ads. 

This No Fluff course is going to help you

Finally understand Facebook Ads.

I’m here to demystify the algorithm and only tell you what you need to know (in my signature no-fluff way) to run profitable lead-generating ads in your wedding business.

Target your absolute dream couples.

NO cringy sales copy, discounts, giveaways or sleazy gimmicks.

We’re going to get you the clients you deserve by you being yourself!

Book more weddings at your full price point.

No more hoping and praying for referrals or that your one instagram post will go viral. I’m going to teach you how to be in control of exactly how many weddings you book.

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When I first started my business in the UK, I tried to use Facebook Ads to get bookings, and was failing miserably. 

But I figured out what I was doing wrong, learnt the ins & outs of the algorithm & here we are. 

These two texts to my husband are 18 months apart.


What would £46550 worth of bookings in 18 months mean for your wedding business?

If you aren't running Facebook & Instagram Ads to your ideal couples - someone else is.


Join 100+ wedding businesses in mastering ads

This is exactly what you're going to learn in the course


Facebook & Instagram Ads Foundations

Stop being confused and overwhelmed every time you open Ads Manager. Up-level your understanding of Facebook Ads.

From campaign objectives, to ad budgets and optimizing - you'll finally feel empowered to tackle Facebook ads manager knowing exactly what to do every step of the way.

✅ DEMYSTIFY FACEBOOK ADS: I'll explain everything so clearly that your mum would understand it!

✅ CAMPAIGN STRUCTURES: How to set them up to be successful & affordable from the get go.

✅ DIFFERENT OBJECTIVES: And when to use them (and which ones to never use!)


⭐️ BONUS: Marketing Strategy Workbook (13 pages)
⭐️ BONUS: Campaign & AdSet Naming Guide



Advanced Targeting

Having a great ad means nothing if you aren't showing up in front of your ideal client.

Make sure that you're crystal clear on who you want to work with, and exactly how to reach them on Facebook & Instagram.

I'll guide you through everything from creating your ideal client avatar, to targeting them and every interested person who visits your website.

✅ HOW TO TARGET YOUR IDEAL CLIENT: Including which objective, creative & copy to use

✅ MY INTERESTS HACK: How to find interests to target that no one else is targeting (this one tip will save you hours!)

✅ CUSTOM AUDIENCE CREATION: The 6 audiences you should have at all times


⭐️ BONUS: Your Ideal Client Discovery Workbook (5 pages)



Choosing & Testing Your Creative

You only have less that 3 seconds to grab their attention - so you better pick the right images.

And if you think that the best creative is your portfolio - you're wrong. Through testing (and a few other tricks) learn which images and videos perform best with your ideal target audience. 

✅ HOW TO PICK YOUR CREATIVE: It's not what you think...

✅ AFFORDABLE AD TESTING: How to test your Facebook Ads without spending a fortune

✅ UNDERSTANDING ADS PLACEMENTS: The 3 ad placements you should definitely be using! 


⭐️ BONUS: How to Spy on Your Competitor's Ads...



Ace Your Copywriting!

This is the number one thing creatives struggle with. But what if I told you that it doesn't have to be hard?

I'm going to be teaching you the easiest, pain-free ways to write copy that gets your ideal clients to stop their scroll, remember you and ultimately book you.

✅ COPYWRITING FORMULAS: Copywriting formulas for different ad types

✅ 5 MINUTE ADS: The easiest way to write copy (Seriously 5 minutes or less with this)

✅ CONVERSION COPYWRITING: The beginners guide to writing copy that converts! 


⭐️ BONUS: A Quick Guide to Facebook Rules & Policies



Funnel Strategies & Retargeting

Running ads without a clear strategy and without retargeting is like throwing seeds onto concrete and hoping some flowers will grow.

Get clear on what strategies you're running, testing and launching. That way it becomes easier to scale, grow and improve your ads.


✅ 5 PLUG & PLAY FUNNELS: 5 different funnels & strategies you can use including one technique that can get you leads from £1 a day...

✅ THE FACEBOOK PIXEL: Using the Facebook Pixel to supercharge your Ads Strategy

✅ MASTERING RETARGETING: How to use retargeting to increase your bookings & conversions


⭐️ BONUS: Customisable Funnel Template

 â­ï¸ BONUS: FREE Workshop - How to Find Leads on Instagram for Free


Analytics & Ad Spend

Ever run an ad and not known whether it was good or bad?

Well, then you need a crash course in Ads Analytics. Understanding analytics & Ad Spend will help you learn what you need to change, improve or just leave alone.


✅ ROI TRACKING METHODS: Understanding ROI and how much to budget for ads (I'll simplify the numbers for you!)

✅ LEARN TO SPEAK ANALYTICS: How to interpret and read your ads analytics. And which analytics to ignore completely.

✅ FUNNEL ANALYSIS: How to improve the quality of your leads and your funnels (if you don't know how to do this, you're wasting your time)


⭐️ BONUS: ROI Tracking & Interpreting Spreadsheet

⭐️ BONUS: Analytics Cheat Sheet

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This is what you get, when you join the No Fluff Facebook & Instagram Ads Course

6 Modules of Video Training

VALUE: £1850

This is the no-fluff training you’ve been scouring YouTube for. This is everything you need to know taught to you by someone with teaching experience.

There’s no waffle, no confusion. Everything is broken down into helpful analogies and simple steps.

Monthly Mastermind Coaching Calls

VALUE: £1250

Is something confusing you? Are your ads not getting the results you hoped for? Have you misunderstood something? Need my eyes on your copy?

There are mastermind calls every quarter where you and your fellow students get to receive live coaching, help & feedback from me.

Private Student Facebook Group

VALUE: £800

Need somewhere safe to ask questions? Need accountability to move through the course?

You’ll have access to a private Student facebook group with me, where you’ll be able to tackle the course together, share wins and learn from each other.


Total Value of the Full Course + Extra Bonuses

= £4750

Join The No Fluff Facebook & Instagram Ads Course!

This isn't just another course...

It's a supportive community of wedding creatives who are all cheering you on & want you to get more bookings!

When you join the course...

you get sent a motivational poster & notebook

When you get your first booking from an ad...

you get sent another poster & enamel pin

100 businesses have signed up already!


Ready to book more weddings with dream clients using Facebook Ads?

Get the No Fluff Facebook & Instagram Ads Course TODAY


You get;

✅ 6 modules worth of training video (over 25 videos!)

✅ Lifetime access to the content

✅ Private Student Group

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The No Fluff Facebook & Instagram Ads Course & Community



✅ 6 modules worth of training video (over 25 videos!)

✅ Lifetime access to the content

✅ Private Student Group

✅ Bonuses worth £1250++


The No Fluff Facebook & Instagram Ads Course & Community

£67 p/m


✅ 6 modules worth of training video (over 25 videos!)

✅ Lifetime access to the content

✅ Private Student Group

✅ Bonuses worth £1250++


Who is the No Fluff Course for?


  • are ambitious and are interested in building sustainable & profitable wedding businesses

  • want repeatable & scalable ways of booking clients

  • have part time or full time jobs and want to use paid marketing to reach future couples

  • who want to avoid burn out & not have to come up with new content every week

  • who have just started out or moved to a new area & want to book weddings fast

Who is the No Fluff Course NOT for?


  • are looking for a quick fix

  • do not believe in community over competition

  • do not want to work on improving their full funnel
  • do not want to work on having a good website or follow up emails

  • are not willing to try new things and learn continuously

I have some questions 🙋🏽‍♀️



Look I get it, you’ve been sold stuff before online and it hasn’t helped you achieve the results you were hoping for. If you’re signing up for this course, you need to be committed to working through the course, and understand that Facebook ads take time and perseverance to succeed. 

However, if 14 days after you purchase the course, this isn’t what you thought it was or what you need, I’ll issue a refund.